Mobfest Mobile Stage – Fan spots on the biggest bike event in Hungary

We provided several fan-areas with high quality audio and conspicuous banners for the sponsors. That’s how Mobfest helped the organisers of the most important road bike race of Hungary: Tour de Hongrie.

With two of our self-propelled mobile stages we were able to provide stage and audio on eight location through the days of the race. On this country-wide event could the mobility of Mobfest really prevail. With the express setup and dismantling could we follow the field. When the bikers passed our location, we were ready to move in just a few minutes. The self-propelled design allowed us to cover long distances with significant speed.

Event marketing for every brand – which brings real value

The mobile stage rental provided valuable help for the fans, the comtenstants and for the event organisers. On the choosen location – wherever it was – the stage was operational without external power supply. The speaker used the wireless microphones and the built-in audio system to inform everyone from the race stats and build the mood among the fans.

The sponsors of a sport event like this require their band being showcased in a stylish and conspicuous way, building the brand-awareness and gaining new customers. With it’s 33 m2 customisable banners, Mobfest is a perfect tool for this – the banners dress up the stage, and the participants identify the whole stage eith the sponsoring band in an instant.

If your company plans to sponsor any sports event and you want to have an own stage for your brand – call us today!

Our short movie from the race